When most of us think about fleas we think of a dog scratching their ear. What you may not realize is that fleas don’t just bother our pets, they can infest your home, feeding not just on your pets, but also you and your family. Fleas can hardly be seen by the human eye as they are very small, fast, and can jump long distances. Flea infestations often begin outdoors where they feed on the blood of cats and dogs which then bring them inside your home. The bite of the fleas can leave itchy, red, raised bumps, and may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. In addition to causing discomfort fleas can also transmit diseases. Flea born typhus, flea tapeworms, Bartonellosis (cat-scratch disease), and even the plague, yes you read that correctly, the bubonic plague can be transmitted to pets and humans. Prevention is key to keeping these nasty little creatures under control. Start by contacting Mosquito Defense of Oklahoma today to keep you and your pets safe and pest free.

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